As he is actually asked in the event that he’d feel using, Shark replied he didn’t feel like they

As he is actually asked in the event that he’d feel using, Shark replied he didn’t feel like they

New “Number” pierced their claws to your Shark’s chest, but Shark’s good usually and you can link with Yuma overcame the power of your “Number” and then he used it in order to overcome Trey

At the beginning of the nation Duel Carnival, he fulfilled Yuma, who was simply panicking because he did not have a middle Part. When he drove later on a little while then, the guy trapped a cast “Mirror Force” cards, the latest cards you to definitely Shark of the his exclude on the Federal Circuit, and it also turned into Quattro, their adversary inside the history professional Duel. Quattro told me the guy purposely put his Patio in which Shark could see it, discover your disqualified. [41]

Trey told your to store the latest cards and you may gave him good Cardio Piece, sharing that he himself already had a done cardio

Quattro along with revealed that at that time Shark wasn’t only affected by the stress of one’s Finals, in addition to on account of a vow he made to their brother who’d a major accident and you can was hospitalized, so he was with ease tempted to check Quattro’s Deck. Quattro along with claims one maybe his sister’s crash was not most a happenstance. Infuriated, Shark needed to help you Duel that have your again, however, Quattro informed him to wait on the WDC and you will tossed him a center Part before departing. Shark up coming made a decision to engage whatsoever, to acquire his rematch having Quattro. The guy fell with the Quattro’s pitfall again as the Vetrix advised your so you’re able to coerce Shark to the participating in the fresh new carnival. [41]

Shortly after Kari Tsukumo bought Yuma to find Charlie McCay, the guy read a large group cheering. Realizing that it could be an excellent Duel, Yuma went off to see Shark defeat an as yet not known Duelist with “Submersible Supplier Aero Shark”. Following Duel, Yuma congratulated Shark and you may asked him as to the reasons he’d chose to go into the WDC. Shark informed Yuma regarding how Quattro had abused his cousin into a healthcare facility so you can key your with the are banged out of the nationals, and then the guy wishes a rematch with Quattro, but following, he’s going to stop the newest WDC. Shark then informed Yuma never to get involved with him and you will then strolled of, disappearing out-of sight away from Yuma and you will Tori. [44]

From inside the next day of the fresh new WDC, immediately after Quattro outdone Bronk and Caswell during the a combat Regal Duel, Shark recharged towards urban area toward their motorbike, inquiring him if the guy recalled see your face from his “No. 1 enthusiast”. [21] Quattro wanted to Duel Shark, however, Trey snared Shark with his Duel Anchor, steering clear of the Duel and you can proclaiming that Vetrix’s sales try absolute. Quattro kept within the an affect off dust. From the proceeding Duel, Shark requires control of Trey’s “Number” monster, “Amount 32: Shark Drake”. Whenever Shark involved to exit, the guy once again told Yuma not get involved with your and rode off. In the event he was able to withstand the new “Numbers” by the remembering their date that have Yuma, Shark still need their revenge against Quattro to have their aunt, and therefore invited “Shark Drake” in order to contaminate Shark that have a little trojan (bluish in the dub) which can enhance one darkness even further. Based on Vetrix, this will help to them with its decide to fool around with Shark. [45]

Whenever Yuma, Tori, and you will Astral were hoping to find Hart Tenjo, Shark watched them from the street above them and you can averted. The guy heard Yuma getting in touch with away to own Kite together with D-Gazer, leaving him thinking on the state. [46] From inside the third day’s the fresh new WDC, Shark went on to get Cardio Bits and you will savagely defeating many Duelists once the energy of “Amount thirty two” started initially to exert its impact on him, fueling his fascination with payback alot more. He was confronted by Yuma, which help Shark just take his rage from your into the a good Duel. Realizing it, Shark sooner concerned his sensory faculties, into darkness of your “Number” vanishing and cancelled the new Duel. In advance of the guy strolled out of, he advised Yuma which they carry out see in the finals and offered your a smile. [18]